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DOWNLOADING, USING and distributed to any legal way the software BEYOND: AMONG US, INCLUDING IF YOU begin to participate in the gameplay, THEN YOU WILL AGREE THAT ALL HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT AND AGREE underwritten LICENSE AGREEMENT AGREE to abide by and carry RESPONSIBILITY FOR ITS VIOLATION.


1. General concepts and definitions
1) The owner of the project is the person to whom the project belongs.
2) Developer - the person creating the various game components.
3) The program is software components located either collectively or separately, posted on the Internet by the Administration or the Developers of the Project, on the Project Website, on third-party sites, or on various media.
4) The site is a collection of web resources hosted on the Internet in the domain of and its subdomains.
5) Game is a collection of Content and various Materials intended for personal non-commercial use by the User.
6) Content - photo, video, audio, graphic and text materials posted by the Administration, the Developers of the project, or other rights holders.
7) Materials - photo, video, audio, graphic and text materials posted by the User with the permission of the copyright holder.
8) User - any person, including a fictitious person, who is not subject to legislative restrictions on the use of online gaming services, registered as a participant in the Game and having concluded this Agreement.
9) The project is an entity that includes the Game, Users and Administration.
10) Legislation - the legislation of the country that is the country of registration of the Project Owner, as well as the legislation of the country of citizenship (registration) of the User.
11) Registration as a participant in the Game - the creation of a User Account in the form of a set of conditional identification data of the User, through which the User accesses the Game.

2. Terms and Conditions
1) The user guarantees that he is not subject to legal restrictions on the use of online services, that he has all the necessary powers to enter into this Agreement or obtained the necessary permission in the form required by law from his parents or legal representatives.
2) This agreement contains attachments, which are its integral part and binding on the parties. Applications are posted by the Administration and include: Game Rules and Privacy Policy.
3) This agreement may be amended or supplemented at any time, including by publishing a new (amended) version on the Project Website. On any changes, the Project Owner notifies users through the Administration in any of these ways: posting on the Site, sending an alert to an email, or posting information directly inside the Game. The continuation of the User's participation in the Project after reading the changes is a complete agreement with them.
4.1) The user is not guaranteed that the Game, as well as internal services:
4.1.1 Will function smoothly and without errors;
4.1.2 Will meet the requirements and expectations of the User.
The Project Owner and the Administration shall not be liable to the User for any damage caused, including to his mobile device (smartphone, tablet), software or other property in connection with the use of the Game or services and services inside the Game, including when introduced to the User technical limitations on the use of opportunities and resources within the Game for violating the rules of this Agreement and its applications.
5) The user is given the opportunity to make a built-in paid purchase. For this, the User is given access to special game features that enable the User to use additional, expanded Game features, through which the User receives in-game values ​​that contribute to a faster or more comfortable development in the Game.
6.1) The user agrees that the features provided are not a service, and are optional; 6.2) Money contributed by the User is not refundable under any circumstances, including, if not used, in case of refusal to grant access to the Game, in case of force majeure circumstances;
6.3) Game values ​​are conditional and can be used by the User only inside the Game during the game process;
6.4) The game values ​​obtained in this way can be modified, moved, or made publicly available (not as a reward, but as a game element, access to which any User can have) without prior notice.
7) In the event that the User believes that he is entitled to encouragement in the form of gaming values, for any positive actions, the Administration reserves the right to evaluate the action and encouragement of the User.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Administration
1) If the user violates the current Agreement without prior notification unilaterally, the Administration may partially or completely restrict the activities of the User in the Project, as well as remove any posted User Materials within the Project or the Game and refuse to continue providing services to the User. Administration is not liable for any damage caused by such an action.
2) The Administration has the right to partially or completely limit the functionality of the Project for any reason at its discretion with prior notification to the user or without it.
3) The Administration has the right to make any changes to the components of the Project and the rules for their formation, including the description of game facilities, prices for game items, data posted by the User without mandatory notification to Users both before and after making changes.
4) Materials posted by the User in the Project that violate the current Agreement or the current Legislation may be deleted by the Moderators or the Administration without notifying the author or other Users.
5) The Administration has the right, in order to collect statistical information, to monitor technical information in accordance with the confidentiality policy. In the event that in the actions of the User signs of a criminal offense are seen, the Administration has the right to transfer the data on the User available to it to law enforcement agencies, upon the request of the latter in the cases and in accordance with the procedure provided by the Legislation.
6) The Administration has the right to use the information about the User in accordance with the privacy policy posted on the Site.

4. Rights and obligations of the User
1) The User undertakes to comply with this Agreement and to familiarize himself with the current version of the Agreement in a timely manner.
2) In case of disagreement of the User with the current Agreement, the User must stop participating in the Project, including uninstalling the Program.
3) The User undertakes not to transfer to third parties his identification data, for which the User can be authorized in any part of the Project.
4) The user undertakes not to investigate the code, not to decompile and disassemble the Project, not to modify the Project, and not to create derivative products based on the Project or its parts.
5) The user has the right to use the available gaming services, as well as perform the actions provided by the logic of the Games.

5. User is prohibited:
1) Use the Account (gaming account) of another person or purchase, including by exchanging or receiving a gift, an Account (gaming account) of another person.
2) Use the Project in any way that may interfere with its normal functioning.
3) Place personal information of third parties in the Project without their consent.
4) Any use of data from other users to collect statistics or send unsolicited information (spam).
5) Publication in the Project and any parts thereof:
5.1 Materials, in any way veiled or directly offending other Users or third parties, as well as links to such materials;
5.2 Foul language, threats, calls for violence and illegal actions;
5.3 Malicious programs or links to them;
5.4 Pornographic materials or links to them;
5.5 Materials with elements of violence, cruelty, racial, interethnic or interreligious strife, and references to such materials;
5.6 Materials that are in any way associated with the conduct of illegal activities or references to them;
5.7 Materials that are prohibited by applicable Legislation;
5.8 Open advertising of third-party resources that are not directly related to the Game;
5.9 Materials, which in one way or another express dissatisfaction in an offensive manner with respect to the Project or Administration;
5.10 Information on any technical malfunctions for the purpose of their use in personal interests;
5.11 Placement of information that in the opinion of the Administration is undesirable, violates morality and ethics.
6) To commit any unlawful or criminal acts, including various fraud, the use of software or technical malfunctions in order to go beyond the stipulated logic of the Game and circumvent the technical restrictions imposed on the User, as well as conduct commercial activities using any resources of the Project. ​

6. Open testing
Open testing is conducted solely for the purpose of evaluating the software capabilities of the Game and detecting errors. However, during the open testing, the User does not receive the benefits specified in the Agreement. The developer is not responsible for events occurring during the open testing process. The user acknowledges and understands that he participates in open testing at his own risk and that the Game may contain errors. Any data may be deactivated and deleted from the Accounts at any time during the open testing or after the end, except as specified in the open testing. The developer is not responsible for ensuring continuous access to the Game during its open testing. The Administration has the right to limit access to the Game at any time, in the event that it considers that the User's actions in the Game are undesirable, including: 6.1. Unwillingness to promote the development of the project;
6.2. Use of errors and flaws of the Game in personal interests;
6.3. Unwillingness to report errors and shortcomings;
6.4. Negative or provocative actions against the Project as a whole, or the Administration, Developers and other Users; including regular violations of the rules of the game.

7. Exclusive rights
1) Exclusive rights to the intellectual property of the Project belong to the Game Owner. All rights reserved.
2) Copyrights to Materials placed in the Project by Users are owned by users who created them or other legal rightholders.
3) Exclusive rights to use Materials that are objects of intellectual property shall pass to the Game Owner from the moment of posting (publication) by Users of these Materials in the Project without a counter obligation to pay author's or other remuneration. The User undertakes to provide legal grounds for the transfer of exclusive rights to the Project Owner, as well as to Materials posted by the User in the Project and owned by other rightholders. The exclusive rights to use the Materials include the right to use them in any way and in any country of the world, including promulgate, distribute, modify, adapt, otherwise process, publish, create derivative without obligation to mention the author's name.
4) The user is given the right to use the Materials of other Users by viewing, reproducing (including copying), processing and other rights - solely for the purpose of non-commercial use, except when such use may harm the protected interests of the copyright holder. 5) All rights to the placed video content in which the elements of the "Beyond: Mystical War" software are displayed remain with the Game Owner.

8. Third party resources
1) The Project may contain links to other sites on the Internet, as well as programs, photo, video, audio, graphic and text materials owned by third parties.
2) The Administration is not responsible for any materials of third parties posted in the Project or on the websites of third parties accessible via links from the Project.
3) This Agreement does not apply to any programs, materials or websites of third parties.

9. Responsibility of the Parties
1) The user bears personal responsibility for any Materials or other information that he places in the Project or otherwise reports to other Users, or brings to the public notice.
2) The user is liable to the Administration and third parties for failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement.
3) The administration is not responsible for the speed and quality of the User's Internet access, and the work of the Game.
4) The Administration is not responsible for any behavior of Users or third parties, including but not limited to theft, destruction or unauthorized access to the Users' materials.
5) The Administration and the Project Owner, as well as their representatives, under no circumstances shall be liable to the Users of the Project or any other third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage.
6) The administration is exempted from liability for full or partial default of obligations under this Agreement, if such failure is a result of force majeure, that is extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances under the circumstances.

10. Preserving Rights
1) All other rights not expressly stated in the Agreement are reserved to the Project Owner.

11. Final provisions
1) This Agreement is a contract between the Project Owner, the Administration and the User, regarding the conditions for the User's participation in the Game, the free use of the Game's capabilities and services, and the User's use of special features of the Game on a reimbursable basis. This Agreement shall enter into force upon its acceptance by the User and shall be valid for an indefinite period of time.
2) The Administration has the right to unilaterally take measures, such as the introduction of technical restrictions with respect to the User, temporary or permanent blocking of the User Account, or the complete refusal to execute this Agreement, without mandatory notification to the User and explanation of the reasons.