Rules of the game

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This document is an integral Annex to the User Agreement.
We draw your attention to the fact that the rules and restrictions are not exhaustive and do not cover all possible variants of offensive or incorrect behavior.

1. Types of restrictions
Enabling Read only mode (further RO) - denying the ability to send messages to all kinds of game chats.
Blocking access to the Game - full restriction of access to the game by blocking the account of the User;
Full lock - full restriction of access to the game and all resources of the Project by blocking the account of the User, as well as the personal computer that was used to enter the account;

2. Restrictions and restrictions in the chat room
In public chats, the following actions are prohibited, in the case of which the following restrictions are imposed:
1) Use of non-normative vocabulary (mat and veiled mat):
     Turn on RO for 4 hours.
     Inclusion of RO for up to 14 days in case of repeated violation.
2) Aggressive behavior and insult of other Users:
     Turn on RO for a period of 4 hours to 14 days.
3) Mass mailing (flood), all types of advertising messages, including mentions and links to Internet resources not related to the Project (except for accidental mention, but not for the purpose of disclosing content or comparison):
     Turn on RO for 4 hours.
4) Placement of personal information or personal data of other Users that are not publicly available without his permission:
     Enabling RO for a period of 6 hours and up to permanent blocking access to the game.
5) Insult, use of humiliating nicknames and nicknames on racial, national, religious or gender grounds, as well as provoking the interlocutor to use them:
     Inclusion of RO for a period of 4 hours to 7 days with repeated or severe violation.
6) Placing any unreliable information about the Game or the Administration, discussing the actions of the Administration or Moderators in a negative way:
     Turn on RO for 4 hours.
7) Placement of information on methods of violation of game rules, methods of causing a loss in relation to the Project or the Administration; including posting information about faults and vulnerabilities in the Game, or information about cheat programs, insulting the Administration:
     Turn on the RO for a period of 4 hours, or permanent blocking access to the game / full lock.
8) All types of provocations and motivations of Players to violate the User Agreement:
     Enabling RO to 14th.
9) Extortion from users of the information necessary for access to their account, in any manifestations. In particular, such information includes login and password from the User account, e-mail:
     Turn on RO for a period of 12 hours, or permanently, in special cases.
10) Provocations, "Trolling" of other Users, posting provocative messages to cause conflicts between players; both in relation to game situations, and in relation to any topics provoking conflicts (for example, discussion of politics):
     Turn on RO for 4 hours.
12) Propaganda of alcohol and drugs:
     Turn on RO for up to 4 hours, up to 12 days in certain cases.
14) Placement of any direct or indirect information about the links of yourself or individual players with the Administration of the Game
     Turn on RO for 4 hours.
2.2 In the case of the first violation by negligence, by ignorance of the rules, or as a result of provocation, the moderator may at his discretion limit himself to a warning. ​

3. Prohibitions and restrictions for players nicknames
The following nicknames are prohibited:
Containing abusive, obscene or obscene language, including veiled, or in the form of abbreviations
Containing a hint of racial or national superiority, advocating discrimination at all levels
Directly or indirectly related to organizations, as well as historical or political figures, especially those convicted by the international tribunal for crimes against humanity and, accordingly, causes a negative reaction among a large number of people, as well as by the figures and names of terrorist organizations, including active at the moment;
Somehow offending a particular ethnic or racial group;
Directly or indirectly related to sexual intercourse or violence;
containing information that may lead to erroneous perception of this User as a representative of the Administration;
Containing direct or indirect propaganda of alcohol and drugs;

If nicknames violate these rules, they must be changed. In respect of the user, you enter the Account Lockout for the period that is required for the renaming operation.

4. Other bans on
1. It is prohibited to use any software that gives a Gaming advantage, bot programs (programs that simulate user actions in the game). In the event of a violation of this rule, a User may be entered into Blocking access to the Game for a period of 30 days, or permanent restriction of access to the Game. 2. In case the User exhibits negative behavior (regular violation of the rules of the chat or the rules of official Sites and communities, with one-time or permanent utterance of discontent and insults to the Project, Developer, Administration, Moderators), full blocking at discretion may be applied to it administration. Moderators who have noticed negative statements, make oral warnings, or in case of repetition of violations, include the RO regime before the Administration makes a decision.

5. Duties of Chat Moderators (hereinafter - MCH)
5.1 General:
MCH are selected by the Project Administration independently and can not be discussed.
The main field of activity MCH are in-game chat rooms and chat rooms in social networks.

5.2 Duties of MCH:
Control communication in the gaming chat room during your stay.
Performing their duties qualitatively and regularly.
Apply restrictions to Users who violate the rules of the game, guided by the User Agreement and the Appendix to it.
Always be correct and polite to all Project Users.

5.3 MCH is not required:
Answer the players' questions. MCH gives answers to questions at its discretion.
To warn the User about the introduction of restrictions.
Explain to other users the reasons for imposing restrictions.

6. Additional provisions
In the event that complaints are received to the User, including clicking on the "Complaints" button in the chat interface, or by sending a message to the Support Service or the Project Administration, with the attached screenshots fixing the violation, in the case of a violation, a restriction is imposed in according to the above rules.